Our Impact

We at Hekate Jewelry need your help!
We are very passionate about making a difference in our communities and thanks to our impact partner “Shop for Good” we are now able to provide that option to our customers. Every time you make a purchase we donate 5% of the total amount to a charity you choose from our list. We have chosen a few different charities that mean a great deal to our family on many personal levels. Here’s a little insight about the charities we have chosen:


~Every Goddess deserves the opportunity to grow her family in good health and safely. That is why we have chosen to support MARCH OF DIMES, we want to help fight to improve the health of all Moms and Babies!


~Every Goddess needs a fur baby! It is the most magical thing when you can help fur babies in need find their forever homes. That is why we have chosen to support BEST FRIENDS, We want to Save Them All! 


~As a Goddess, it is our duty to help preserve and protect nature and mother earth! That is why we have chosen to support BAT CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL (BCI), Bats lead us to the best opportunities to accomplish this mission and they are vital to the world's ecosystems. Save the Bats! Who doesn't Love Bats!